Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trend in China

I was looking on the internet and found an article about a new trend in China. The trend is a wearing a goldfish as a accessory. The goldfish swims in a little plastic ''bag'' that's half filled with water. Girls love this trend and wear it without any sympathy. Dealers of this necklace say that the necklace doesn't do the fish any harm and that there's enough space for the fish to swim around. The first thing that went trough my mind was; animal molestation and after looking at the pictures I was totally in shock. Every healthy person sees that the fish don't have any space to swim, they can't even turn around normally. It doesn't even looks cute, it's just so sick! It's maybe a little fish but it doesn't deserve to be treatend this way. I really hope that some people will act more sensible instead of selfish and stupid.

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Fashionista said...

You're right. It's sickening to see this lack of compassion and empathy for the creature. You can just imagine their suffering with the movement and heat. I can't even see how they can be fed.

Fashion is not an excuse for this kind of exploitation.