Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get a boyfriend, borrow his clothes

The latest trend for spring are the boyfriend jean and the boyfriend blazer. Actually it's not new to wear men clothing, Coco Chanel started a fashiontrend by wearing a pair of Oxford pants.

Best ways to combine the boyfriend blazer:
*wear it with a feminin top or a short dress
*Don't keep it just casual
*Combine it with a string of pearls or cuffs etc.
*big blazer? : with skinny jeans
*fitted blazer? : with baggy pants

Best ways to combine the boyfriend jean:
*The best way is to keep it casual and simple, for example wear them with a t-shirt
*Don't be afraid to combine it with heals
*Wear jewelry, but keep it simple

The best way is ofcourse your own way, combine it so it suits you and it reflects your own style, but that's the way to wear all your outfits ;) .

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