Saturday, April 24, 2010

Moschino wonderland

Goose bumps, that's what I got when I saw this. I'm talking about Maison Moschino. The hotel is located in the old neoclassical railway station on Viale Monte Grappa that opened in 1840 for the Milan-Monza route. The Hotel is divided into four floors and comprises 54 rooms and 15 suites, each with a different design and a different name. The fa├žade of the building stayed in the original condition, but the interior is designed by Moschino’s
creative team and Creative Director Rossella Jardini.

''The hotel interior reflects Moschino’s distinctive style where the ordinary
world is painted with a brush of surrealism

This is probably the best way to describe the interior and I totally agree with it.
By only seeing photos I can say that fashion and architecture perfectly came together. Although all rooms are different they still suit the building wonderfully. Seeing the photos really makes me want to stay there one time, but knowing me I'll probably want to live there after I visited it.

Breakfast, can You belive how cute this looks

sweetness hanging from the chandelier

Can't take my eyes off this gorgeous owl

the red dress room

If you're interested and want to know more about the hotel and the rooms, I really recommend visiting the website of Masion Moschino. They explain the different rooms and the photos in the gallery give a good impression of the hotel


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Julia's apartment

It's been a while but my obsession with closets and different interiors is still there.
I love collecting photo's from different people with different taste and look on their interior.
And sometimes I get so inspired and that brings me with a new idea for my own room.
Mostly I love the way people use personal things to decorate their house.
A while ago I read an article in Glamour about Julia Restoin Roitfeld with photo's of her apartment in New York. I loved the way she uses fashion items as decoration in her apartment.
That's it for now, wish you all a happy easter and I'll be back soon with a new article.

La Couturier
little red book

Tailoring on a whole new level

I just came across this great editorial that The Fashionisto calls ''A Lesson In Tailoring, Max Rogers by Weston Wells'' wich I had to post.

source: The Fashionisto