Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My latest obsessions

I always have certain obsessions and they change all the time. For example; after my graduation I planned to visit Paris, but I put that plan of for a couple months. But that was the begining of the obsession. I've been to Paris ones before, but other than the Champs-Élysées I didn't really saw the fashion side of Paris. So out of curiosity I began searching for fashion spots in Paris. Ofcourse I found lots and lots of information, but what really got my attention was the website Do it in Paris. This is not only the perfect website for all the hotspots in Paris, but the drawings make the site more special and different. The more drawings I saw the more I wanted to know who made them. Well I found my answer; Angéline Mélin is the brilliant illustrator behind these drawings. The drawings are so much fun to look at and they're all about fashion. I visit her website frequently to see if she posted new drawings and I save every one of them on my computer (believe me they're so cute!). One of my other obsessions is Gossip Girl's character Chuck Bass. The obsession is not about the actor Ed Westwick, but really about his character. Chuck is such a mystery, with him you just don't know what to espect.He hides who he really is, but the person he really is is just perfect. He's just the person you think you can't trust but meanwhile he's the most trustfull person you actually know. In the GG-books and the first episodes of the first season I didn't liked him at all but the more episodes I saw the more I understood him. I just wonder if there really exists someone like him, haha. Two items I'm obsessed about are the Hermes Birkin Bag and (I call them) ''The shoes that scream my name''.
Sometimes I wish I was Victoria Beckham, just look in my closet and pick the whatever Birkin I want, REALITY CHECK; I can't offord this bag, so now I'm searching for a look-a-like. And while my search for that bag I also want to know from what these shoes are. The minut I saw them on the photo (
) I fell in love. These are the shoes I totally would wear. The perfect color with the perfect silver strap, they remind me of the dress I ones made.
So if anyone knows where they're from just let me know.
The last item I'm obsessed about is nailpolish. Last year I polishes my nales almost every day, then I quit doing that for a while and now started again. But I'm not that person uses bright colors. I love pastel colors, but love the red nailpolish too. Wow, o my godness, I just wrote 15 times more about my obsessions than I had planned, I just quess I'm very obsessed.


Nerdic.. said...

Love the second picture!
X, fashion-nerdic.

JadoreVogue ♥ said...

Leuke post zeg! Ben het met veel dingen eens, haha :)