Monday, October 20, 2008


In my first blog I want to talk about how you can wear a scarfs different ways.

I love scarfs and got more than 50 ones together with my mother . You can wear a scarf with almost everything actually, but you have to combine them good. Combine a printed scarf never with a very printed garment, because that looks very messy together, just be creative.

These are my two favorite scarfs that I wear the most

The first way you wear your scarf is just behind your neck, you can possibly knot a bow in it. The second way you wear the scarf around your waist, put a good knot in it so it remains. The third way you can wear a scarf is the same way as in the middle photo, but now you do turn the bow to your back.


Doing it this way you can combine the scarf with a dress. Ensure also that your scarf is knot well to the back so that it remains.


This is a great way to brighten up your bag. Put the scarf trough the ring or the handle of your bag. Remember to put a knot in your scarf, otherwise your scarf will fall out of the ring/handle.


The lst way you can wear a scarf is as a headband like Nicole Richie on the picture above.

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